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> > I don't see any need for us to have it.  Our branding is
> > evolt.org  .. with
> > the .org being very important.
>...which whilst true has no bearing whatsoever on the
>question of whether we want to take a similar domain and
>make it point to evolt.org.

Yes, it's another matter to do exactly that (which I also do, BTW).

<my own mistake and lesson learned>
Years ago when I got my business domain I only got the .com for
skdesigns.com, and little did I know someone else would come along and
snatch the others. Over time the person has fortunately let them expire and
I snatched them up mainly just to avoid confusion and help protect my
business name (so the .org now redirects to .com and others that I just
bought will point to skdesigns.com within the next few days). Now I'm
contending with skdesign.com (no 's' at the end of the name), so I'm
working on trying to snatch whatever they haven't already snatched. I
didn't think about any of that long ago, and now I wish I had.
</my own mistake and lesson learned>

Long-winded way of saying that I had to learn a tough lesson from NOT
buying the others and holding onto them. Doesn't mean you have to use them
all, and the option's there to just point them to the main evolt.org, too,
of course. Better to have them than lose them, IMO.


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