<tips> Calendar .. was Re: [Theforum] sponsorships

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 18:42:06 CDT 2002

Michele Foster said:

> Is there any compelling reason why *I* can't run with the <tips>
> calendar idea?  Are you guys telling me "no" .. concentrate on other
> areas .. even though I've already strongly volunteered to do this one
> project .. and I'm really not at all interested in dealing with
> corporate sponsorship .. which isn't the same as saying I don't
> support it .. it is saying that I don't personally want to dedicate my
> evolt.org time to it.

I see no reason why anyone who wants to run with a fundraising idea can't,
as long as they don't overstep anything. In other words, sure go organise
calendars, but when they're ready to be produced, make sure theforum agrees
with the details. Investigating things should be cool.
> We aren't a corporation that needs to ensure that each of its
> employees are spending their working hours on the most
> important/viable/profit-making scheme for the company.  We are a group
> of volunteers, with a wide and varied set of skills, desires and
> willingness to contribute back to the community.

+1. I think we should all remember this when we get frustrated at someone
here. that person doesn't have to help out at all, and though you might not
like it we're all giving up time / money / whatever to evolt.org.


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