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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Apr 30 19:32:32 CDT 2002

All sounds good to me.

Since several of us [1] are gonna be taking cheap shots at each other in
person and spewing beer all over the place .. I'll find out from Aard what
he learned from the publishers he's been in contact with so that I'll have
the background information from that angle.

I'll get myself organized next week and put together a page or two on the


[1]  Party in Toronto - Rudy Limeback, Adrian Roselli, Jeff Howden, Matt
Warden, Chris Spruck and me (or and I, whichever is more grammatically

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| So "go for it!". It's a good idea (and especially so because it's a yearly
| thing, whereas not many people will be re-buying mousepads/hats/whatever
| every 12 months).


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