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Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 22:17:01 CDT 2002

one reason i decided to start paying for bandwidth out of pocket was
because i didn't want to see us start limiting services or having to
worry about how much we were using or when.

i understand where some people are coming from with the recent
discussions here. and how/why some people don't like they way things
are. but the fact is, the things are the way they are, and they've been
like that for a long time without the pulling of plugs or anything else.

beo uses a lot of bandwidth, yes. it always has. and its covered. is
that ok?

isaac wrote:
> While we're talking BEO...
> I assume that BEO sucks down a fair portion of evolt.org's bandwidth.
> (Dan, any chance of getting a breakdown to see what subsite is using what in
> terms of BW?)
> Anyway, it might be an option to move BEO to a lesser/cheaper pipe. We could
> keep a core set of common downloads on a premium pipe for registered
> members, or not. (Encourages people to register for one thing.)

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