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Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 22:40:54 CDT 2002

ok. we have a t1 of which we're using 60-70% of at peak times of the
week. thats a static cost. if we drop that down to only transferring
20Gb/month, the cost remains. and we're the luckiest freelance org on
the web that has 90% of a t1 sitting there.

and i'm not sure the term 'budget host' applies when you're talking

i know i'm sounding a bit defensive here, and i apologize for that, but
i always thought it would be A Good Thing to not have to worry about
bandwidth, and that we'd be able to focus on doing really cool shit
instead of worrying about things like how much bandwidth we're using.

so, i'm sorry about that. i'm realllly trying my best to understand
where everyone is coming from and work with you, but i'd also hope you
kinda understand, a little bit at least, where i'm coming from too...

isaac wrote:

> Would we cut our costs if we moved BEO to a budget host and free $ to spend
> on other ventures? I think so.

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