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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 30 22:49:57 CDT 2002

this is good feedback...

i know *i'm* working under the assumption that you're paying a
certain amount out-of-pocket for hosting/bandwidth... (am i allowed
to say that amount?  is it public knowledge?)

but the way you frame it below, it sounds like evolt.org actually
*doesn't* impact their traffic too much... it also sounds like you're
paying the same amount no matter how much traffic we use...

what if that traffic amount were to drop 80%?  you couldn't get a
rate significantly lower than what you have?  i'm no talking about
starkmedia, either, i'm talking about evolt.org, which has no fixed
cost, per se, of a T1...

> From: "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at members.evolt.org>
> ok. we have a t1 of which we're using 60-70% of at peak times of the
> week. thats a static cost. if we drop that down to only transferring
> 20Gb/month, the cost remains. and we're the luckiest freelance org on
> the web that has 90% of a t1 sitting there.
> and i'm not sure the term 'budget host' applies when you're talking
> 80-100Gb/month.
> i know i'm sounding a bit defensive here, and i apologize for that,
> but i always thought it would be A Good Thing to not have to worry
> about bandwidth, and that we'd be able to focus on doing really cool
> shit instead of worrying about things like how much bandwidth we're
> using.
> so, i'm sorry about that. i'm realllly trying my best to understand
> where everyone is coming from and work with you, but i'd also hope you
> kinda understand, a little bit at least, where i'm coming from too...
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