[Theforum] browser archive

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 22:51:54 CDT 2002

not just BEO, but all of evolt. i'm pretty limited in the web dev stuff,
and thats obvious. i like to provide help at the things i'm good at,
OS's and networking among them. and i love evolt, and i take pride when
people talk about how fast it is.

see my other post about static costs for other stuff..

isaac wrote:

> I'm just interested to know why you'd prefer to spend your money ensuring
> that BEO has a premium pipe, when it could be an option to shift BEO to a
> lesser pipe/hosting option, and spend the difference on something like:
>  - promo packs to get people volunteering on behalf of evolt.org to do
> grassroots web education
>  - any promotions that could increase the perception of web developers
> within the general community
>  - providing other opportunities for learning/testing on MEO (other app
> server, other db options, etc that aren't OSS).

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