[Theforum] apologies and groveling for my mail to be fixed

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Apr 30 23:46:03 CDT 2002

Well, finally got around to fixing my mail server. Sort of. First, I removed
Active Directory from my server. (For those of you who may not have done
this to yourself yet, just picture the cartoon where the character saws
viciously at the tree limb, only to discover he's on the wrong side.)

So, after rebuilding and re-enabling Active Directory (with a new domain
name; no point continuing as an extension of the office's domain now that
I've got the chance to change, right?) I discovered that Exchange liked the
old domain better, so all the usernames the mail server recognized didn't
exist any more. (Ever administered a Windows mail server from a command
line? Yeah, yeah; *nix geeks do it all the time. M$ doesn't even want to
admit it can be done. But it can. Trust me.)

The upshot of it all (for both of you still with me) is that I've been
bouncing mail from my approximately 12 addresses for more than 48 hours, and
I don't think anyone likes me any more.

I checked my settings at the website as well as I could, but it looks like
all is turned on.

Could some mail god (or male god; I don't care. Heck, at this point, I'll
take a female god) please either

1) re-enable the address spinhead at egbdf.info on all lists

Or, if it's the same effort,

2) enable the address joel at spinhead.com on all lists

I promise to behave, and to go find some archives and find out if everyone
still loves each other


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