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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Wed May 1 10:01:15 CDT 2002

Hi Lach,

(1) Exactimundo!  ... wanna draft a first rev at that "evolt sponsorship code of ethics"?   ;-)

(2) The billing issue was in reference to 'installments' - e.g. some fine company says "I'll sponsor for six months if I can pay a month at a time."  We greedily say yes ... and they stop paying after month 4 ... now what?

(Who always seems to come up with 'loophole' examples ... hmmm ... must be a devious devil!)

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From: Lachlan Cannon [mailto:luminosity at members.evolt.org]

I don't think it's too hard to define. Something like a nazi group is
obviously out, whereas a church or business should be fine, as long as they
understand the evolt sponsorship code of ethics.

> We also have some finance and billing issues to consider folks, if a
> 'sponsor' agrees to installment billing - who sends out the bill?  Who
> duns them when they are late?  How long do we wait until we 'pull their
> information'?  If they host tips and don't pay ... what do we do?

Don't provide them with whatever until we receive the money. Simple as that.

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