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How about Pongo group?  That's the first part of the Genus name for the
Orangutan, Pongo Pygmaeus, (if I am reading my species tree right side up).
It's a big job and it is nicer than 'monkey' and it might prove to be
interesting history in a year or two as to how the name got applied.  (with
a bit of humor applied).

Monkey speak could be Alouatta, aka the howler monkeys.

Made me chuckle to think about it anyways.


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This might be premature .. but I don't think we should be using
frontend/backend as group names.  That's too confusing with actual
workflow/development issues.  IOW, separating design and development of the
sites/projects is what is implied.  And, that's not a good idea.

How about the Thinking Group and the Working Group?

Where the thinking group is like theforum is now, and the working group is
like thesite mailing list is now?  However, do we want the Working Group to
include meo/list admin stuff?  For those of us managing projects, it gets
rather difficult to know where the line is at the moment.  Let's make sure
we define this explicitly within the future structure.

Sorry, if this is jumping into the middle .. I've missed most of the
discussions on the various groups.  I just wanted to express my dislike for
using Frontend/Backend.

Just my two cents.

<goes back to hiding behind all the boxes to be unpacked>

| Goal: To produce a template charter for the five groups (using Isaac's
| names): Backend, Frontend, Content, PR, Finance. This charter will
| how the groups will interact, what their scope will be and the access
| that goes with them.

theforum wiki:
fact finding mission:
i have every intention of helping turn into something that doesn't
*need* me...

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