Group Names .. was .. Re: [Theforum] Charter Working Group

isaac isaac at
Wed May 1 19:29:22 CDT 2002

> This might be premature .. but I don't think we should be using
> frontend/backend as group names.  That's too confusing with actual
> workflow/development issues.  IOW, separating design and
> development of the
> sites/projects is what is implied.  And, that's not a good idea.
> How about the Thinking Group and the Working Group?

I disagree. The thinking group is the steering committee.

And frontend/thinking are completely different. How is me hacking around in
Photoshop for 50 hours any less "working" than someone customising open code
they've pulled from sourceforge?

Frontend/Backend are just split so that coders don't have to listen to IA
junk, and the designers don't have to listen to db gear. The thinking and
personalities are, I think, different enough to warrant some sense of
separation at least.


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