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I wish to introduce myself to you. I am Lisa Jaime
savimbi. I am the younger brother to the late leader
of the National Union for the Total Independence of
Angola (UNITA) Jonas Savimbi. My brother was killed
during combat action against government forces in the
central Eastern province of Moxico,  Angola on the
22nd of Febuary 2002. I have in my possession the sum
of  USD50 million which was realised from diamond
royalties that was paid to my late brother Jonas
Savimbi (UNITA) from dianond mining , precious stones
in the areas we controlled in Angola.

Unita has been in control of some parts of Angola for
more than a decade. As a reslut of the death of my
brother Jonas Savimbi, the government of present
Santos asked UNITA to lay down their arms and
surrender. But we have been reliably informed that
president  Santos will embark on ethnic cleansing on
the members of UNITA if captured.

Consequently, I left Angola through a nebouring
country to the Island Mauritius near the Indian  ocean
on exile. I was able to arrange the USD 50 million on
six trunk boxes and took it along with me to
Mauritius. The boxes of money were lodged as diamonds
and golds on behalf of foreigner with a security
company for safe keeping here in the capital
port-Louis. Nobody knows that this money belongs to

I solicit for your assistance and cooperation in
assisting me in getting the funds oversea from the
Island of Mauritius. At the conclusion of this
business, you will be given 35% of the total amount
while 60% will be for me and UNITA and 5% will be for
expenses both party may incure in the course of making
this transaction successful.

I wish to assure you that all logistic is in place for
the successful conclusion of this business deal. On
receipt of your positive response, I shall forward to
you more details on the exact role which is required
of you for the successful conclusion of this

I look forward to your earliest reply through my email


Yours Sincerely,

Lisa Jaime Savimbi.

E-Mail : jaime_lisa at yahoo.com

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