[Theforum] Case study: Monkey Speak

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu May 2 00:52:37 CDT 2002

> > I'd suggest that we set the "default charter" within theforum. I think
>relevant to everyone.
>I totally agree. If that's not something that theforum is supposed to
>figure out then I don't know what is.
>Just keep subject lines in order and we're good is my thinking.

The problem is that theforum has a too large membership, discussions take
too long and are too complicated; we'd need a full-time secretary.

Besides, theoretically the whole forum could apply for the working groups,
which hasn't happened yet. So the working group will only contain people
that have strong opinions on the charter, and not those only moderately

So I'd still like to get on with the working group.

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