[Theforum] Charter Working Group, round 2

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu May 2 09:23:33 CDT 2002

OK, so there is some interest in the Charter Working group. Until now Dan,
Brian, Elfur, Michele, Ron D., Miriam, Aardvark, Alan, Hugh, Ron L. and
myself wish to be members.

1) Anyone else wants to join?

2) Is anyone able to set up a mailing list for us? thecharter seems to be
the obvious name. Archives open to anyone, but only members may post.

3) Isaac and Amanda oppose the institution of the working group (anyone
else?) and say theforum should create the default charter. I disagree
because I think theforum is too large and discussions have a way of
continuing forever. They would be right if nearly every member of theforum
wished to join the working group, but until now 11 of 87 (?) members have
subscribed, a clear minority.

4) Group names discussion: I ignore it for the moment. Michele, who started
the discussion, is on the working group so she can defend her point of view.

5) The actual discussion should start somewhere next week. I myself will be
gone from Friday afternoon till Monday evening (US: Thursday night till
Monday morning) and several other members wish to finish other stuff first
and/or are only available in a few days. And we need some time to implement
point 6.

6) Everyone: please think about the right *QUESTIONS*. There's an abundance,
indeed an oversupply, of answers but somehow I keep losing track of the
questions. And finding the correct questions is a lot more difficult than
finding answers.
I'd like to start with defining the questions the working group has to
answer. Any input is welcome, but please, please don't (yet) try to answer
the questions.


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