[Theforum] [todo] Charter Working Group, round 2

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu May 2 09:48:40 CDT 2002

Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

> 2) Is anyone able to set up a mailing list for us? thecharter seems to be
> the obvious name. Archives open to anyone, but only members may post.

sure thing. i'll set it up shortly

> 4) Group names discussion: I ignore it for the moment. Michele, who started
> the discussion, is on the working group so she can defend her point of view.

ya, the name of the groups is a detail, and something that shouldn't
derail the progress of actually getting the groups in place. if
anything, once the groups are formed, they can give themselves a
nickname or more formal name...

> 5) The actual discussion should start somewhere next week. I myself will be
> gone from Friday afternoon till Monday evening (US: Thursday night till
> Monday morning) and several other members wish to finish other stuff first
> and/or are only available in a few days. And we need some time to implement
> point 6.

good.. i'm finishing up a couple things that didn't make it to the
original wiki post martin and i were working on before it got
published.. i think its a good idea to let everyone maybe take some
time, think about 'the questions' and come in monday, fresh and ready to go.

thanks for taking the lead on this peter :)


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