Group Names .. was .. Re: [Theforum] Charter Working Group

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at
Thu May 2 09:51:54 CDT 2002

> Add this yourself to your FactFindingMission page please .... and to Simon's
> deo page (I think its on the wiki .. Simon saw the messages anyway).

I don't think there was a page on the wiki, so I've created one. It's at:

> | >>Working group for deo = Simon, GC?, Ken Kloger (?)  (I've forgotten
> | >>who's working on this)

I didn't know about GC (is that Garrett?) or Ken Kloger. If you guys are
interested can you drop me a quick line to give me your email addresses?

If anyone else is interested and isn't on the wiki page above, drop me a
line or just add yourself to the page.



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