[Theforum] posting change - please read

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu May 2 11:38:38 CDT 2002

given the number of requests i've had to close this list up to allow
posts *only* from those subscribed, i plan to make that change
later on today...

if some people here post from accounts other than the one(s) they
have subscribed, please let me know, and i'll add you to an
exceptions list...  your posts will be able to come through from any
email address you provide me...  (dan, if i've read the options in the
admin tool incorrectly, let me know)

while john and i are temporarily admining thechat while martin's
away, i'd rather not make any changes there until either a) there's
overwhelming requests (right now there's just a lot) and b) martin is
back, since i'd rather not step on his toes...

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