[Theforum] Charter Working Group, round 2

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu May 2 19:48:04 CDT 2002

> OK, so there is some interest in the Charter Working group. Until now Dan,
> Brian, Elfur, Michele, Ron D., Miriam, Aardvark, Alan, Hugh, Ron L. and
> myself wish to be members.
> 1) Anyone else wants to join?

Yes, I'd like to be involved.

> 3) Isaac and Amanda oppose the institution of the working group (anyone
> else?) and say theforum should create the default charter. I disagree
> because I think theforum is too large and discussions have a way of
> continuing forever. They would be right if nearly every member of theforum
> wished to join the working group, but until now 11 of 87 (?) members have
> subscribed, a clear minority.

Less than 87 people are posting to discussions.

I was just suggesting that we keep the discussion out in the open and not
form yet another list (I'm now subscribed to 7 or more evolt.org lists) for
what should just be a subset of theforum's discussion. Anyone who is a
member of theforum can just delete posts in which they have no interest.

> 4) Group names discussion: I ignore it for the moment. Michele,

Yeh, they are irrelevant to thecharter's mission. I was just getting sick of
having to correlate the monkey names with the restructure diagram any time
one was mentioned.


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