[Theforum] Evoltspotting

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun May 5 03:17:40 CDT 2002

On Sunday, May 5, 2002, at 12:20  am, Olly Hodgson wrote:

>> The link there: http://www.evolt.org/index.cfm?menu=8&cid=132
>> doesn't resolve for me. Is the problem on my end?
> I think its because it uses the old style addressing scheme. It told me
> that
> I could find the article at
> http://www.evolt.org/article/Targeting_Search_Engines/20/132/index.html
> I've just emailed blogger.com to inform them of the change.

cool, thanks Olly.

Here's a neat trick btw - the title in there doesn't actually do
anything (other than make it more human-parsable), so we can
stick wee referer codes in there to see
a) how much traffic is coming from a specific link or source
b) ...plus the traffic from people who take the link from that source
    and link to it themselves
(so you can work out the total benefit of a link from blogger).

To do that, you'd cite the link as say:

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