[Theforum] Restructure

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Mon May 13 02:52:53 CDT 2002

Isaac Forman said:
> Does anyone have any objections towards reforming evolt.org's
> volunteers into 5 groups (based on the work by Dan and Martin):

None, apart from the changes Matt suggested. A limit makes people think
about where they can be the most help, instead of just joining everything
to go along for the ride.

> FWIW (and as an example), I would like to volunteer within PR,
> Development, and Admin (doing list management). Hopefully everyone else
> can work out where they'd like to help out too.

I'd like to join PR, Content, and Dev. Should we be recording which groups
people want to join on the Wiki?


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