[Theforum] tech/admin/billing contact

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon May 13 11:09:32 CDT 2002

Elfur, can I use the NIC handle you have for elfur.com ?
Marlene's NIC handle is pretty out of date it looks like, so don't know
if I should use that or not.

Also, still need a physical address for the domain.

>> i don't want to handle being the contacts for the evolt.org domain name
>> anymore, any suggestions or votes as to who they should be changed to?
>> (whoever it is will inherit relevant responsibilites also)
> I would suggest:
> Billing: evolt.org treasurer (currently Marlene)
> Admin: evolt.org secretary (more Elfur than anyone else as no-one
>     else was appointed when she resigned)
> Technical: Ron - are you still hosting the DNS?

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