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Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Mon May 13 12:05:23 CDT 2002

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> On Behalf Of Isaac Forman
> Does anyone have any objections towards reforming evolt.org's volunteers
> into 5 groups (based on the work by Dan and Martin):
> 	Finance (handles $)
> 	Marketing (ideas for building the evolt.org name, PR, etc)
> 	Content (articles, etc -- previously the admin@ list)
> 	Development (code and design -- previously thesite@ list)
> 	Admin (server admin, list admin, etc -- *not* the same as admin@)

+1 on these groups
> And with a parent group (steering committee until we come up with a better
> name, or maybe SC is fine) made up of 2 members of each subgroup.


> Each group shall decide how to elect their two representatives (+1 voting,
> voting application, whatever). Said reps should be encouraged or required to
> cycle at a predefined period (6 months)?


> Volunteers will be able to serve within as many groups as they deem
> relevant, but cannot be a rep for more than one. Nor should they be elected
> to serve on the SC for more than 6 continuous months.

How about "elected to serve on the SC for more than 6 continuous months as
           a representative of the same group."

> Reps who find that non-evolt.org responsibilities lessen their available
> time should be encouraged to pass on their representation (again, by some
> kind of vote within the group).

+1  when voluntary. Otherwise this opens up the mess of a group having to
    'vote' this member off their group.

> Also, as a general guideline, rights and responsibilities (where relevant --
> Content, Admin, Development specifically) should be based (as currently) on
> ability and trust/reputation within the community.


> Should there be few major objections to this plan, I would suggest that we
> continue with the CaseStudies on the wiki (especially the volunteer names at
> the bottom of each) so that people can make it clear where they see
> themselves being useful. After that, create the relevant lists, populate
> them, and let each group form their guidelines/processes/style.



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