[Theforum] My situation.

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Wed May 15 08:20:31 CDT 2002

Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> So, in condensed form: I think its time for me to move on with other
> projects in my life...

Although I wrote an offlist message to dan, I still want to state some
of my thoughts/feelings publically:

I'm happy for you dan, moving on from the backstage and dedicating more
time to your personal life is good stuff. I'm sure you need that.

It has been an incredible experience for me to work on this project
through all this time and I've learned lots of stuff from you, both on
the development level and on the personal level.

I had complete trust in your decisions and on your professionalism at
managing the servers. I also liked your form of just doing stuff,
because I have a big trust in your judgement and committment to the
members, and because none of us were able to get stuff done as you did.

You're right by saying that michele left big shoes to fill, and you left
a full-size crater, it's a huge challenge for all us to keep on with the
community and get it to a more stable level, while staying true to our
founding principles. And although many people can strongly disagree, you
were still a big leading figure.

The worst part of this parting is that I know that big part of your
decision was motivated by the huge piles of shit people on this forum
kept on throwing on your face, and that should be a big lesson for all
of us. If those people don't change their attitude or leave we won't be
able to move along, nobody will be willing to invest personal, voluntary
time if it's done in a hostile environment where things aren't fun anymore.

And thanks for being so generous to host us for the rest of the year!

We'll surely miss you brother

Long live djc


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