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Wed May 15 11:08:42 CDT 2002

Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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Just a process check - Dan has asked to keep the meo box. Evolt.org has not
yet agreed to that, nor does it have to, as it's in evolt.org's inventory.

A couple of things to think through:
1) If it's worth $2.5k (debatable - spend doesn't necessarily equal book
value), do we think that the loss of $2.5k to evolt.org is worth the
goodwill gained (which includes the continuing hosting until Jan 2003 btw)?
2) Is it a good precedent to allow departing volunteers to pick what they'd
like to take with them?

Now I'm not suggesting the answer to either of those questions is 'No', but
I wouldn't like us to jump to conclusions.

Thinking about thinking, and conscious, considered decisions.

In answer to your question though, Amanda, members entrusted their accounts
to evolt.org, and I'd feel very uncomfortable about transferring anyone
without their explicit instruction.

If Dan wishes to offer a meo-like service, then that's fantastic, and
members can choose to move their accounts there if that's what they want to
do, and we'd be wrong to stop them. If evolt.org does not wish to maintain
a meo service and Dan does, I think it would be right to recommend that as
an alternative.

However, if evolt.org wishes to maintain a meo service, then the current
meo service remains with evolt.org.


Silly question, I suppose, but is hardware an issue?

I know that Dan said he wanted to keep the MEO box but is there other
hardware that evolt can keep or buy that is already set up?

Also, if Dan is keeping the MEO box, is he keeping the MEO service?
(FWIW, I have no problem with that.)

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