[Theforum] Hosting

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed May 15 14:26:41 CDT 2002

A. Erickson wrote:

>>because I addressed it very clearly there.
> My apologies for missing that little detail.
> To reassert my other questions: would you be willing to sell items
> indicated as in your inventory but currently being used by evolt?

"The hardware is something that you'll all have to decide on how to
handle. I'm not really interested in keeping any of it except the meo
box(sans RAID card)" - thats from the same email. "I'm not interested in
keeping any of it" or, "No sale needed" because "I'm not interested in
keeping it"

> Are you planning to continue administering the m.e.o service or is that
> among the items you are handing off?

matt and dean have been doing that for the majority of this week, and
anything they need from me, they get of course. its a fine line i guess,
but i'm not administrating the service, just the server for the time being..

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