[Theforum] Re: EvoltMove

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed May 15 15:19:55 CDT 2002

rudy wrote:
>so, i shall ask again -- who's in charge of the move?
>i don't want to lead this effort, and i doubt i'm qualified even to be in
>the move group, but i do feel a sense of urgency to get it in gear

this doesn't really answer your question, but i don't have a problem with
picking up the machines in Milwaukee and driving them a reasonable
distance to their new home, if that need should arise.

in fact, i'll be up there this summer visiting a friend's sister at
Marquette University. not that I think we'll be done by then, but, the
point is, i make a good 2-4 trips up to there per year anyhow.

so, transport isn't a problem, as long as it's reasonable.

it might be hard hashing this all out on theforum, but if that's what we
gotta do, that's what we gotta do. but, if we're gonna do it that way
(here on theforum), i suggest we start last week...


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