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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Wed May 15 15:11:42 CDT 2002

At 01:33 AM 5/16/2002, rudy wrote:

>so, i shall ask again -- who's in charge of the move?

This list has 97 members, of which perhaps half are regular participants in
discussions. We *could* discuss it here.

On the *other* hand, it is possible that the "moving" debate could
monopolise conversation on theforum, and hinder the progress of the other
things we've got to take care of. Since not everyone on theforum is
interested in matters of system administration, hosting, mailing list
management, etc., I suppose it does make sense to form a *temporary* group
(tentatively labelled "EvoltMove") to tackle this issue. I predict we'll
have about 15-20 members in there. Do we need a separate list?

>i don't want to lead this effort, and i doubt i'm qualified even to be in
>the move group, but i do feel a sense of urgency to get it in gear

I'd like to be involved in the moving effort. I can compose decent emails
to prospective sponsors. ;)
Oh, I just volunteered aardvark to lead the effort, since beo (the
bandwidth monster) is his baby. :p



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