[Theforum] Mousepads

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed May 15 21:50:56 CDT 2002

> FYI: The company through which Dan was originally planning to
> handle all of this was:
> http://www.a1imaging.com/
> The options and pricing certainly look pretty decent.
> What do people think of these gel-filled options?
> http://www.a1imaging.com/gelfilledpricing.html
> The cloth
> mouse mats are very reasonably priced:
> http://www.a1imaging.com/clothtoppricing.html
> 800 full-color
> for USD$2.25 each.
> 250 for $2.70 each.
> Thoughts?

Both revolt me. (I'm learning subtlety.)

The real draw on the original idea was that they were the real slick
hard-surfaced models which don't destroy your mouse and remove all the skin
from your pinky as it drags across the surface. I have 32 cloth mouse pads.
I use them for packing material, but they keep coming back. I'd prefer
something like the UltraSlims at
http://www.a1imaging.com/ultrathinpricing.html I have one, and it's the only
mouse pad I use voluntarily. (500 @ $2.12US each)


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