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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu May 16 07:36:10 CDT 2002

Hi Aardie,

I had (yup another!) half-baked idea that might be worth considering.

.... distributed processing ....

I'm thinking there isn't any actual need for *all* of the beo files to reside on a single box or chew up a single pipe.  Sure - it would be more painful to administer spread out across half the world ... but hey ... that's what we're good at, right?

[Yeah - it would be "simpler" if we could strongarm tucows, /.,  or Phil Greenspun  to handle the bandwidth ... but I don't know that we could get that done fast enough or in an 'acceptable-enough' fashion, (re: branding, etc.)]

Anywho, I've got some rented space on an IIS box in Australia that <understatement> isn't being fully used.  Maybe, I could "host" one of the lesser used browsers.  [I have nfi how much bandwidth I'm paying for - I've never been hit with an 'excessive use' charge.  OTOH, I think I might run into one if I tried to host NN4 or something high profile like that since I didn't opt for the 'premium' hosting package.]

So, I've got some space we could use if it don't cost me any extra cash.



(btw - I agree with Rude's assessment:  The timeframe is short and I think we need to concentrate on leo and weo.  [I haven't written any articles, so I put moving leo as a higher 'priority'.])

[More to follow after I finish up this training class and get caught up on work junk.]

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although i do plan to try to find something to make that 85% of our
bandwidth chewage become much much less of an issue...

still thinking...

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