[Theforum] EvoltMove

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu May 16 08:43:17 CDT 2002

> I had (yup another!) half-baked idea that might be worth considering.
> .... distributed processing ....

My thoughts exactly. PacBell tells you explicitly that there are *no*
transfer limits on their advanced DSL (which I have) and they encourage you
to host your own website, etc. So, if we can go this route, I'm in.

Think I asked this already, but do we have stats on sizes on the

Also, if we go with anything remotely like sponsorship for acknowledgment,
I'm guessing our God of All That is Web at Magis (me) could convince my boss
and the marketing folks that it's A Good Thing to host some on our monster
box with major pipage.


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