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> > From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
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> > > So space isn't the issue.
> >
> > exactly
> >
> > it's bandwidth
> >
> > what about putting beo on a cd?
> we can't charge for it, so it's not a revenue source...

exactly - some of the software may not be sold and/or produced anymore, but
they're all copyright of the original authors/companies, and that would be a
legal minefield to work through - the best you could probably manage is a
sale at cost (disc + shipping) for a couple of dollars in the same way
places like cheapbytes operate selling cheap Linux and Unix discs.

> i do like the distributed archive option, although that's a bit insane
> to manage...

Actually, it probably wouldn't be - it's something I've seriously considered
while going through a rethink of beo.  As part of what i'll term newbeo (to
distinguish!), there could be a backend database with all the appropriate
browser info (company, browser, version, release date, etc) and as part of
this, there could be a curator assigned to that browser.  The db could
include their email, the URL to the site with the file(s) and possibly a
backup URL to a 'standby' curator in case the 'prime' curator's site is

> plus, we'll need to get a burn of the most recent version (when we
> know what we're doing) of beo on CD(s) so the transition will be
> eaier... we'll have to impose on dan for that one...

I have a local copy of everything now bar some of the netscapes and mozillas
(and I'm pulling down the mozilla archive from
ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/releases) and can easily burn this onto a DVD-R
for archival.

> > might earn us a bit more coin than mousepads
> >
> > we need to find a source of revenue, folks
> swing back to the sponsorhsips discussion i referenced again
> yesterday, because we've got and mousepads already opened as
> topics, but with no resolution....

I still think a newmeo with some form of charging structure could be a best
bet, but it definitely formalises the service (or has to) way beyond how it
is now.

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