[Theforum] meo (was: [Fwd: Re: [xxxchat] My situation (plight of a newbie)])

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Fri May 17 22:14:50 CDT 2002

A. Erickson said:
> I may be getting things wildly out of order but where did the above
> comment come from? The chat?
> B.E.O will likely not die because it's one of the services which evolt
> is most famous for and provides a tangible service.
> On the M.E.O issue -- you'll probably need to go to Dan directly for
> more concrete statistics and also to get a feel for what kind of
> commitment that would be in terms of maintenance. Matt could probably
> speak to that somewhat, as well.
> - amanda

Yes, they came from thechat, but also seemed to be the feel of where people
where directing their attention over here at the time too. If (as seems to
be happening a bit now), people are also working here to try to keep meo and
the other services then that's cool, I just wanted to make sure that meo
wouldn't die.

(Oh, and I was hoping Dan would reply with that sort of info - specifically
the growth info, so I could look around and see what the best options foir a
new server are. I wanted to see what the feel towards me going off on this
tangent for meo was. Also, if we want to save meo, we need to get a donation
collection going now if we're going to get the dosh for a new server, and
pipe in 7 months).

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