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Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Sat May 18 05:07:23 CDT 2002

Madhu Menon said:
> At 01:15 PM 5/18/2002, Lachlan Cannon wrote:
>>meo members may be more than willing to
>>give to keep meo up, but nowhere near as willing to give for weo r leo
>>or beo. Still, it's theforum's call.
> Perhaps, but remember that weo and thelist are our flagship properties.
> Meo hasn't been around for *that* long. We get a lot of traffic to weo,
> as you can tell from the last stats mail Dan sent out. Meo is icing on
> the cake; weo *is* the cake. ;)

Well, I think we have to decide now more or less what we're saving. Beo
doesn't matter as much - no one is reliant on beo (well, it's probably hard
to find some of the browsers elsewhere, but it's not as vital an evolt part,
I think). If we're not going to work on saving meo in favour of leo / weo
then we need to inform meo members within the next few months so they have
time to backup / migrate their stuff. On the plus side for saving meo we
might be able to get more contributions on a monthlyish basis from it's
members that could go towards saving all meo sites - OTOH, we can of course
always resurrect meo afterwards, I guess. (whether this would work I'm not
sure of though - people might not want to go back believing that it could be
taken away again. also since the members would have had to have put their
sites elsewhere already they might not be as interested in contributing to
evolt for a new meo box / or a monthly hosting donation)

Just one other thing - if we take away the traffic from beo how much traffic
do we have a month (ie traffic / sec not bandwidth/ month)? We might find
that we really don't need that much money for a pipe if we remove beo, and
will be able to do a sponsorship for a new meo box drive. The thing is we
need to do this stuff now people. We need to decide whether we're willing to
have limited sponsorship as per Adrian's thread, to keep evolt running, or
whethger to rely on fundraising purely from our members. And we need to
decide soon, so we can base migration strategies on this.

Personally, I'm in favour of seeing if we can get a host to give us a
discount on our bandwidth costs per month, if we just have an about page for
evolt saying that they're hosted with such and such. Of course that's
because I believe we could then take the monthly onus off members for
keeping evolt going, and then we probably could run a meo membership drive,
since we wouldn't need anywhere near as much dosh / month.

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