[Theforum] Re: meo

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Sat May 18 10:43:53 CDT 2002

> Well, I think we have to decide now more or less what we're
> saving.

I think you're being too hasty.

> Beo doesn't matter as much

Not true at all. B.e.o is what is brought up most as the resource that
the community of web developers beyond evolt use. It's an awesome
resource, not well-duplicated. It may not matter much to you but it
matters to others.

> - no one is reliant on beo
> (well, it's probably hard to find some of the browsers
> elsewhere, but it's not as vital an evolt part, I think).

It's not vital to the life of evolt, the only thing that is is thelist
however, I do think it's an important component of our identity.

> If
> we're not going to work on saving meo in favour of leo / weo
> then we need to inform meo members within the next few months
> so they have time to backup / migrate their stuff.

True, they will need to be informed. However, it doesn't have to be

I'm not telling you not to run with that and see what our options are
but m.e.o is not yet in a huge crisis, IMO.

- amanda

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