[Theforum] Re: meo

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat May 18 23:49:45 CDT 2002

> My main point was that, if you only save meo, evolt doesn't exist.

nicely put

>The priorities are weo and leo. And I think we've established that.


again, i am looking directly at all of us who want to participate in the
effort to save weo and leo -- are we going to do it here on theforum, or
through one or more of the established groups, or through a new group

we need a team for this folks, a team that is charged with the tasks to
 1. evaluate alternatives
 2. choose the host
 3. plan the move
 4. execute the move

however, we have identified no alternatives yet to evaluate

in my analysis (kick me if you think i'm wrong) this is because we have not
yet decided the necessary prerequisite, namely
 0. establish how much we can afford to spend on hosting leo and weo

this, if anything, is where theforum ought to be putting its efforts

it's like buying a house, you just do not go out looking at houses until
you've got a deal with your banker and have determined what kind of
mortgage you can swing


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