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Martin martin at
Sun May 19 05:30:34 CDT 2002

On Sunday, May 19, 2002, at 05:49  am, rudy wrote:

> in my analysis (kick me if you think i'm wrong) this is because we have
> not
> yet decided the necessary prerequisite, namely
>  0. establish how much we can afford to spend on hosting leo and weo
> this, if anything, is where theforum ought to be putting its efforts
> it's like buying a house, you just do not go out looking at houses until
> you've got a deal with your banker and have determined what kind of
> mortgage you can swing

But before/in parallel with that, you need to work out what your
priorities are.

I think there is an opinion mostly crystallising here - to formalise it:

The priorities are (in descending) order of significance:
1) leo
2) weo
3) meo
4) beo
and if needs to shell out cash to support hosting, we will
fund as many of those as we can, starting at the top. If we get offers
to host specific services out of priority, then those will be considered

+/-1 please

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