Prioritisation vote: [Theforum] Re: meo

John Corry john at
Sun May 19 13:07:08 CDT 2002

|ending meo means each and every well-contruting member on meo has to find
|a different home, and maybe even have enough time to set up a redirect so
|that links get updated, etc.
|couple that with the fact that it will probably be much easier to find a
|home for meo than beo.
|it's your vote, madhu, but i think it's wrong to put PR over our members.

my opinion:

BEO is a valuable resource, but it seems like it could be easily distributed
and would be the most low impact thing to host somewhere else (and between
those of us who could, I bet we could each host a browser or something to
cover that...I have space/bandwidth to host 1-2)

MEO is one of the best things ever did! People are *using* it and
they're using it in the way it was intended! I see that service as
really practicing what it preaches and would hate to lose it.

> >1) leo
> >2) weo
> >3) meo
> >4) beo


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