Prioritisation vote: [Theforum] Re: meo

rudy r937 at
Sun May 19 14:35:13 CDT 2002

voting?  oh, goody, i love voting

1 leo
2 weo

so far we all agree

martin, time to deputize somebody to prepare a financial plan for leo and

which is where we sort of were a few days ago

by the way, it's no longer seven months, it's six

today's what, may19th? nothing much is gonna happen after december 19th...

but don't mind my prattling...

everything after leo and weo, as several of us have said, is moot

but it's fun, so here's my input --

3 teo !!

4 deo
5 meo (hosting)
6 meo (mail)
7 beo


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