[Theforum] Prioritisation Vote so far

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sun May 19 16:26:46 CDT 2002

Martin wrote:
>Presumably [meo mail] can be achieved with simple forward
>aliases, so that @meo addresses can still work without
>having real popboxen sitting behind them..?

of course, but like i said:

note that, currently, the .forward files are contained in the member's
account home - not sure if that's a requirement for forwarded addresses.

either way, i think meo mail is something that is *relatively*
insignificant. i wouldn't be hard to figure out how to keep meo mail once
we've figured the big stuff out. as i see it,

the big stuff is:
meo hosting

stuff that we can jsut stick somewhere:
meo mail

i think we should be focusing on the big stuff.

so, vote. let's get this preliminary decision-making over with so we can
start actually doing something.

we *don't* have seven months. we have maybe 4. 5 at the most. once we
figure out what we're gonna do with all this, we actually have to do
it. i've volunteered to move the physical boxes, but there's gonna be more
to do than that.

so, not to sound like an ass, and not to sound like this is referring to
anyone (because it's not), but let's leave the little details alone until
we've figure out what we're gonna do to, yanno, sustain evolt.


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