Prioritisation vote: [Theforum] Re: meo

.jeff jeff at
Sun May 19 23:16:38 CDT 2002

> From: Joel Canfield
> If they can be separated, I'd put the meo mail above
> beo, and meo space below it.

+1 to the following:

1) leo/weo/teo
2) meo email
3) beo
4) meo other
5) deo

i put leo and weo/teo in the same slot because without both we're only
servicing a portion of the community.  i hear you saying that without meo
we're not servicing them either, but the fact is that active members of the
community are on leo/weo.  many meo members are there for the free stuff (a
mistake if they think it's going to last forever so should therefore expect
that it's only temporary) who post articles to weo in hopes of getting an
account (those who've seen the garbage that's been denied will know what i'm
referring to).  rather than being active members that have gotten accounts
as an afterthought, they're meo account holders who are to varying levels
active in other aspects of the community.  i will agree that there are
*some* account holders that these generalizations do not apply to.  the
difference is these exceptions were involved with leo/weo first and *then*
got meo space for what it could offer them.

after leo/weo comes meo email.  offering this sort of service is a
relatively trivial task, but used by a number of active members of the

then comes beo.  there is nothing else on the net like it.  it's helped
members and non-members alike.  it's evident that this is a highly important
resource based on the bandwidth used.  maintained carefully, it's impact can
be kept to a manageable level.

then comes the rest of meo.  it's down near the bottom of the list for me
because, as i've said, the service is used by alot of people that aren't
active members in the community.  out of the 200+ accounts, i can probably
find less than 10% that have posted an approved article on weo or posted on
thelist.  someone please correct me if i'm wrong (prepare to provide proof
though).  in addition, meo requires a fair amount of resources.  there's
work that has to be done whenever a new account is requested (and i've the
feeling that happens all too often) and even more work when it's approved.
work has to be put in constantly to monitor the server's security and close
up new holes in the myriad of products in use on that machine.  so, we need
to either put a cap on the number of accounts or we need to increase our
hosting capacity by buying more hardware in the future.  imo, meo is a
bottomless pit.  i'd love to save it, but not at the expense of *anything*

why isn't deo higher on the list?  well, it's php/mysql which is a dime a
dozen for hosting out there.  it should be a trivial task to find a cheap or
free host for that.

just my 2¢,

jeff at

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