[Theforum] finding a home for weo & leo

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sun May 19 23:56:06 CDT 2002

Ok, so I think it's pretty safe to say that we need to work on finding a
home for weo (and oreo) and leo as our first two priorities.

Here's what I'm thinking we need. This is so we can compare our images of
what we need to come up with a single set of requirements. So, that means
object if there's something that doesn't fit with what you were thinking.

I know we're all in the voting spirit, but let's hold off on that for now
to speed things up a bit. Let's narrow down what we need and then finalize
it at the end.

this is just brainstorming and really isn't in any order. Special
considerations or notes are below the individual items.

1. co-located hosting
	- leo is an unusually-large box
	- weo means we need oreo, unless we change where oracle is
	- leo also uses two relay servers currently
	- might be a good idea to be hosted near an evolter so he/she can
	drive down there and kick some ass if need be
2. transportation of physical boxes
	- i'll take care of this as long as it is reasonably near
	Milwaukee, near the path between Milwaukee and Cincinnati, or near
	- i assume it's not a big deal to be down for a day or
	two? keeping things going on a temp server would probably be an extra
	expense and a whole lotta trouble
3. need ssh access to leo, and ftp capabilities among boxes
4. need tech support
5. probably a lot more but i can't think of it

(while writing this i see that ron has beaten me to the punch. so i
deleted what i had. i think running with TagWear is a great idea. Even
I've been dying to by another few t-shirts)
As far as a hosting affiliate program, I think it would be best if we
encouraged members to donate their kick-back to evolt.org - maybe make it
easy for them to do with a single-click. I'm not sure evolt.org should be
advocating any particular hosting services, however.

Ron, I wouldn't have a problem taking the boxes to Virginia. That's
reasonably close to Cincinnati. I just didn't want to be trekking the
boxes to California or something.

Ron, when would you have an idea of the cost for handling the leo, weo,
and oreo boxes? And, if you can get the figures for meo and beo, that
would be great too. Even lower on the priority scale, but still useful,
would be the cost of storing the two relay servers (which just use space
and electricity). Relavent info you might need:

Sorry for responding to half of your email in mine. Don't kick me.


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