[Theforum] m.e.o. management (was: meo barriers)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon May 27 04:28:13 CDT 2002

>>>Tell you what, I'll give you a directory listing, and you can start
>>>looking through all the accounts, k?
>>I'm confused about who the m.e.o. manager is. I had the erroneous
>>impression that Matt was that person, but he's indicated that it's
>>not his responsibility.
>Calm, Marlene - I don't think that's what Matt said, just "hey, that's a
>crapload of work which you probably didn't realise." And that's OK.

In my defense, Matt has confirmed that looking through all of the
accounts isn't his responsibility, and it takes that responsibility
to really successfully manage the m.e.o. accounts.

But Matt also succeeded in getting my dander up, and for that I apologize.


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