NFP stuff (was RE: [Theforum] stuff)

jcanfield at jcanfield at
Mon Jun 3 11:09:15 CDT 2002

> >(pick me)
> ok, i pick marlene to do the legalese

Odd; I was going to suggest Marlene as well (btw, Nuh, I pronounce it
correctly every time I type it. Just thought you should know. Our Marketing
Director is named 'Brigitte' and she'll accept 'briZHEET' or 'briGEETah' but
hates 'BRIGit')

> joel, how may email ids you got, altogether?
> rudy

I can think of about 40, but I'm not sure if there's a definitive list
anywhere. However, they all converge on three different places, so you can
always cover the entire compendium with those three.

It's a sickness. I'm getting help.


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