[Theforum] evolt.org stuff

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 3 15:48:46 CDT 2002

Marlene Bruce wrote:
> Hey Dan,
> Upon thinking about this more, are you sure all that was required in
> filing for NFP was your "name, address, social, etc"? I hate being in
> the position of being a stickler about it, but this just doesn't seem
> right.
> According to
> http://www.automated-incorporating.com/WisconsinContents.htm, for the
> articles of incorporation alone, Wisconsin would have required much
> more than the info you indicate. That's the information I'm hoping
> you'll share with us.

initial actions, bylaws, 'elections', etc, are what elfur has.

> If you went through the whole process, will you tell us upon what
> basis the application for evolt.org's NFP status was denied by the
> IRS?

when i say 'we didnt get approved', its because work on the various
things that needed to get done didn't. bylaws being approved(or finished
for that matter), the lack of a 'membership', etc. not to dig up any old
wounds here, but i stopped working on it when some people didn't like
the way i wrote up a couple documents. no one else picked it up, it
'officially' never happened(do you remember signing anything?), and
thats why i said in the linked email above that evolt didn't get
approved - the process was never finished, hence we never got approved.
and in case it comes up, i'm not interested in hearing perceptions on
who's fault that was.

> And will you share the related documents with us, or tell us who we
> can talk to to get copies? It actually would be a big jump start.

i put a fair amount of time/$ in with my lawyer to create an initial set
of bylaws to were tailored to evolt.org(irc voting, pgp voting, etc),
and for the last 9 months, they've sat around collecting dust(for which
i also share part of the blame).

so i hope you understand how it would make me feel when only after I
leave are you prepared to finally work on the documents i put the time/$

if anyone thinks thats unreasonable, please let me know.

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