[Theforum] Re: evolt.org stuff

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Mon Jun 3 20:00:34 CDT 2002

Marlene wrote:
>I just wanted to know if you would share your documents with us. To
>me it seemed a very simple request, with either a "yes" or "no"
>response. I guess I give up now. You're obviously not willing to pass
>them over, and no matter how nicely I ask you don't seem inclined to
>change your mind.
>I won't waste any more of our time pursuing this with you further.

Maybe he'd be willing to give them to you if he was going to be
reimbursed for all the cash he pumped into it, much like buying hardware
owned by dan for evolt.org purposes (which he's never asked us to do,

It was my understanding that once the NFP was in place, the first thing
that was going to happen was reimbusement of the monies used to create the

If we have a use for it, we should compensate him. If we don't, we can't
have a "fine, be that way" attitude when he doesn't give us it for free,
like... oh, i dunno, the hosting for the past 3 years and the next x

speaking of, how's that portion of the letter i asked marketing to write
coming? are you guys going to do it? if so, timeline? i haven't heard



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