[Theforum] Re: evolt.org stuff

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Mon Jun 3 22:46:46 CDT 2002

Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> i think you may have misunderstood matt a bit, maybe not. he wasn't
> saying 'dan said he needs$$$!!', he was saying, 'can you see why dan
> isn't totally 100% about giving something he worked on and
> paid(metaphorically and otherwise) for away?'

Things should not have to be spelled out this way.  Thanks dan, for a
kind, understanding response.  However, such kind, understanding
patience should not be required by mature adults pursuing the goals of

We have much more pressing matters to solve before this one can be
worked on.  If evolt.org does not exist, THIS HAS NO BEARING!  And we
are close to not existing much longer.

Can we, now, learn how to survive and grow as a small entity (as
perceived by big business and goverments) by doing what has to be done
to stay alive.

Once we have that part under control, then we can worry about the legal
filings, organization, and structure required to play with the "Big
Boys".  If some of you want to pursue this, that is great.  But. let's
keep doing what has to be done to keep evolt.org alive and growing.  	THAT

Ron D.

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