[Theforum] Best for evolt.org - was evolt.org stuff

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Mon Jun 3 22:52:04 CDT 2002

Marlene Bruce wrote:

 >> as for discussion of reimbursement for NFP expenses, i didn't 'initiate
 >> or pursue' any reimbursment, so you're mistaken. i think what matt is
 >> talking about is that on the 'old admin' list it was suggested that once
 >> enough revenue came in to repay those initial expenses, it would be
 >> done.
 > Ah, thanks for the explanation, Dan.
 >> i think you may have misunderstood matt a bit, maybe not. he wasn't
 >> saying 'dan said he needs$$$!!', he was saying, 'can you see why dan
 >> isn't totally 100% about giving something he worked on and
 >> paid(metaphorically and otherwise) for away?'
 > Yes I do understand, as I indicated when I said I understood your
 > bitterness towards how the situation played out. Thanks for
 > clarifying things, and feel free to disregard the yes/no email I just
 > sent.
 > All done.

Promise?  All history buried and gone?  All accusations stop?

We now have what a few pushed for hard, for many months.  dan has bowed out.

Can we work on keeping things up and running before our grace period
runs out?

Once we have something worth filing for, we will do it.  Until then, all
this organization, meet the corporate expectations, look like something
important, IS MOOT.  Yes, we need to continue working on the structure
and organization, but is wasted effort unless we insure that evolt.org
is up and running.  PERIOD!

btw, if anyone hasn't noticed, evolt.org is very important to a few
thousand designers and developers.  We have a responsibility to our
community.  We do not have time to set things up to meet "big business",
"corporate" concepts and demands right now.  We will get there some day,
if we do what is needed to survive today, tomorrow and the following
months.  But we have to finish building and earning it first.

We were well on the way, but we have a BIG RED STOP SIGN in front of us.

 > Hey folks,
 > I've been thinking about the steering committee.
 > According to the following, monkey group management would be done
 > through the steering committee:
 > http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/EvoltRestructuring
 > http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/SteeringCommittee
 > While the decision to create a steering committee passed (as
 > indicated at the bottom of the EvoltRestructuring page), it doesn't
 > seem we've organized that committee yet.
 > In order to organize the steering committee group, each of the 5
 > monkey groups needs to elect two "speakers" to represent their group.
 > More details have been outlined (though not finalized) at:
 > http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/CaseStudy
 > I'd like to make a motion:
 > * The members of each monkey group need to elect their
 > representatives this week.
 > We should report on the election results next Monday latest, unless
 > everyone's done sooner.

I agree with the need to continue in this direction.  However, I do not
see things happening fast enough in the area of keeping evolt.org up and

I make the motion:
We, as responsible founders and directors of evolt.org, quit the
political and legal debates of proper structure and organization; stop
waiting on the ideal situation to be developed; and do what has to be
done to insure that evolt.org sites and email lists are running long
enough to require the political and legal necessities of a sound
organization recognized by the world.

Ron D.

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