[Theforum] fundraising update (was: evolt.org stuff)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Tue Jun 4 04:29:30 CDT 2002

Hi Lach,

>On the subject of the move - do we need to create an article explaining to
>our members where we're going with fundraising at the moment, so they'll
>know why we're pushing the fundraising when we start to?

Good idea. I'm guessing this should be written by Marketing (perhaps
with input from Finance?).

>(Which should be
>soon. - hows the work on fundraising going?)

Before fundraising can take off in earnest, we need to get the bank
account taken care of. If you're interested, have a gander at these
two emails from the finance archive:


We really should get things in order to open a business account,
which requires a fair amount of paper- and leg-work to file with the
state and federal government. Otherwise we can't deposit any
donations made out to "evolt.org" (with a stop-gap personal account
they'd have to be made out to me, which isn't ideal).

That said, I can open another personal account as soon as tomorrow,
but it'll only have my name on it and only my signature can access
it. As I said, not ideal (but I'll list at least one member of
evolt.org--two if possible--as the recipient of the funds should I
die). It'll cost evolt.org $5/mo + the cost of checks (I think $17).
We can roll that over into a business account as soon as we've got
the appropriate stuff done.

I was hoping to get a little more research done before opening up an
account, but I won't have time the next couple of days, and if this
needs to be done ASAP, either someone else can help me out (see
below*) or we'll have to go with what I have now.

Beyond that, Dean's set up the give at evolt.org, and I've signed up for
PayPal with it. I've got text almost ready to be posted on the
evolt.org site (sans suggested donation amounts and snail mail
address: http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/HowToDonate).

I've hesitated to open a post office box (as explained in previous
emails), and am hesitating again because I just gave notice on my
apartment (my boyfriend and I are moving in together). We haven't
decided exactly which town we're moving to, and I'd like the PO Box
to be nearby.

*Hey folks, we really need a couple more people who can actually give
some time helping with the finance group (it's a bit anemic as you
can see at http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/EvoltFinance).

If anyone can help, please sign up at

>I think this would be good pr,
>and if the members understand the situation, they might be more willing to
>cough up some dosh when the time comes.



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