[Theforum] steering committee needed

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Tue Jun 4 13:56:50 CDT 2002

>  >> We should report on the election results next Monday latest, unless
>>>  everyone's done sooner.
>>  +1 I'd like to add, I think the voting should be done by the start of the
>>  weekend to allow the reps to get organised.
>While I think that's great, it *is* Tuesday already. Someone want to lay out
>the mechanics for nominating and voting?

Sure. I suggest members of each group (on their own lists) would make
nominations for "speakers" (a.k.a. representatives) over the next one
or two days, then vote over the following two. One person in each
committee should keep track of the nominations, voting, and the
timeline. It's up to each group to report back on who was elected by
next Monday, latest.

Regarding committee organization:


The "case study" I link to above was done for "MonkeySpeak" which is
another name for the Content committee. That draft would probably be
of great help to any of the committees in getting organized. It's NOT
finalized or official in any way ... it was just a starter document.

As you will see, Amanda and I have already taken a stab at commenting
on the first draft, which was written by Peter Paul Koch. Each
committee might want to move a copy of the draft to their own wiki
section, and edit it according to their preferences. It would then
become that committees official organizational document. Of course,
this is just a suggestion ... it's up to each committee to organize
themselves in whatever way works best.

Hope that helps.


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