[Theforum] Lists Closed to Subscription

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 5 03:24:26 CDT 2002

Dean Mah said:
> Now that everyone has had time to get into their group and subscribe
> their list, correct?  Should the lists, namely content, sysadmin,
> thesite, marketing, and finance be closed to subscriptions?

I believe that if possible, the lists should be closed to people being able
to post, but people should be able to sign up to get the traffic from that
list. Then when they've decided that they want to join, they can apply to
join the group, at which point the group takes a vote on it. If we do go
ahead with this, we'll need it documented somewhere.

The other option, of course, is to let anyone join and not give them access
to resources until they've proved they can be trusted.... the trouble with
this being that a whole bunch of people of one opinion could join up, and
turn all the votes in an undesirable way....

Since this group accepted the groups, and the people to join the groups for
now, I think that a would be best. People who want to help out can always
still join theforum initially, and this would be better, imo, because the
groups can get to know them before they apply to join a group.

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